June 01, 2005

I've moved

I'm back in the hood, but am now blogging at Soul South, an exciting new blog that I've started with Rethabile Masilo, previously of On Lesotho and now of Sotho. The blog covers Southern African people, politics and culture and is still in its infancy, but lookout for bigger and better things to come.

In the meantime I may post a few of my more personal, random or controversial comeents here, but I'l mainly be at Soul South. Check you there.

May 05, 2005

Coming back soon...

Hi all. Well it's been a very long time since anything was written here and I'll be surprised if anyone comes here anymore. This is just to let you know that I will be making my return to blogging very shortly, either here or on a new blog that's in the pipeline.


November 06, 2004

The prodigal son

I'm returning to SA tomorrow. For good. I can't wait. As my entire life is in transit, ther won't be any posts for a good few days.

November 04, 2004

My only post on the elections

I heard an interesting comment from a disillusioned Democrat yesterday. She reckoned that 11 of the states added the question of same-sex marriages to the ballot in order to lure the far-right Christians to the polls - "a bit of red meat for the seething Evangelical masses to feed off" is how I think she put it. An interesting tactic, if it's true, and not one that I've heard any comment on.

November 01, 2004

Who's not paying attention?

This is an interesting little story. On the surface, it seems like the ANC-dominated National Council of Provinces (NCOP) has taken a firm stand against Mbeki on his neglect of rape in South Afirca. At a second glance it seems like the DA member just caught all the ANC delegates napping.

October 30, 2004

Louis on the loose

Louis van Schoor, East London's most famous racist serial killer has been released from prison. I remember the horrific stories that used to fly around town about this ruthless man. He was notorious well before he was arrested (East London is a small place, after all).

I saw him once - he came to watch a rugby game at my school in 1992 just before he went to prison. I remember shuddering as I recognised him. He was sitting menacingly on the sideline, a giant of a man with a long flowing beard and dark, dark eyes. He was the epitome of evil.

To me, van Schoor represents the dark, ugly face of apartheid and what it can do to people. I hope there has been a change of heart in prison, but I'm doubtful. Some people, like Eugene Terreblanche, never change.

Only in Oxford

I've just been pulled over by the police...on my bicycle. I was winding my way up the road at midnight, well inebriated, when a guy in a lumo yellow jacket waved me over. Now I've come to learn that riding your bicycle while under the influence is a crimial offence in England, so I was rather nervous. The police officer said:

"I'd just like to congratulate you on having lights on both the front and the back [which I have], unlike the poor fellow behind you who is about to get a £30 fine. You are free to go."

And with a massive sigh of relief I meandered my way back home. The English police are so polite. Can you believe it?!! R340 for riding your bike without lights?!!! Geez. I'm glad I was only pissed.

October 27, 2004

COSATU kicked out of Zim

...but I just had to blog on this!

It seems that COSATU's fact-finding mission to Zim to report on their labour and human rights culture was not acceptable to the powers that be, so they kicked them out. Of coures, it's because they're working for Tony Blair! This has got to raise some eyebrows amongst South Africa's working class, many of whom still praise Mugabe as the hero of the people for his land redistribution programme - if they hear about it, that is. So far the only state response from the SA Department of Home Affairs is that it defends Zimbabwe's right to "determine and apply its own immigration laws as it may deem appropriate" - predictable. Though it seems COSATU is keen to put pressure on the government to react.

Still, it is amusing to see the DA jumping up and down to defend COSATU.


Apologies for the lack of posting, but this week is a bit insane work-wise. I have 30 000 (coherent) words to write by Monday, so writing in any form that is not my thesis is unjustifiable. Aish.