October 27, 2004

COSATU kicked out of Zim

...but I just had to blog on this!

It seems that COSATU's fact-finding mission to Zim to report on their labour and human rights culture was not acceptable to the powers that be, so they kicked them out. Of coures, it's because they're working for Tony Blair! This has got to raise some eyebrows amongst South Africa's working class, many of whom still praise Mugabe as the hero of the people for his land redistribution programme - if they hear about it, that is. So far the only state response from the SA Department of Home Affairs is that it defends Zimbabwe's right to "determine and apply its own immigration laws as it may deem appropriate" - predictable. Though it seems COSATU is keen to put pressure on the government to react.

Still, it is amusing to see the DA jumping up and down to defend COSATU.


  • Hi Nick - this functions as a cross-reference to my post which I think is in this case justified on the grounds of your amusement on Democratic Alliance's defense of COSATU.

    We aim to please, but if we can't do that, then we aim to tickle your funny-bone.

    By Blogger mal, at 10:26 am  

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